Video: How to Critique and Analyze Your Photos

Was this critique framework helpful and give you some tools to analyze and improve your photos?

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  1. Josh, great tips on subject, composition & light. Still would like more on camera settings that you used before post. Alan

  2. Hi Josh

    Early days but I am loving the concept of recipes! Re. The video, I found the background music a little distracting and the early part of the video put me in mind of pressurized selling. Once it got going though I totally got it. I still think the opening was a bit like a sales drive but the video as a whole was excellent and clear. It gave me a good understanding of where we are going and made me ready for the next step.

    Thank you so much for this. I am a member of a club in which we compete. I didn’t understand why my images were full of the right stuff but didn’t move the judge. I already have a better understanding.

    See you in the next one 🙂


  3. Josh,
    I just watched your grand landscapes video and it’s good as expected. But, I’m confused, I bought your 10 Steps Landscape video series and wonder how much of your new video is the same material. Some of it obviously is ,”how to use ND filters” for example. I’m not sure that I would learn much more than I got in your 10 steps Landscape course.
    One puzzling concern is that now I cannot seem to get back to the 10 Steps video course. My email and password not longer work despite many attempts. Was there a time limit for viewing?
    I wish you luck with the new 9 Steps series during these difficult times.
    I always used the various videos from 10 Steps Landscape to review before heading out on a photo workshop or new destination and would like to have access to them again, if possible. If 10 Step Landscape course is now discontinued and has been replaced by your new 9 Steps, that’s okay but would be good to know for those of us who bought the 10 Steps Landscape course.

    1. Hi Brien,

      Good questions. The 10 Techniques course is still accessible. I’m in the process of transitioning between platforms and right now there are two logins, which I know is confusing, but I’m working to get sorted out ASAP. Try logging in here for now:

      And please let me know if you’re still having trouble getting in.

      In terms of the new course, honestly there’s probably not enough different information in the Grand Landscapes Course to justify you enrolling there. I’d stick with the 10 Techniques course and call it good.

      Hope that helps,


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