Fine Art Landscape Photography Prints from Joshua Cripps

Print Sizes and Editions

I offer my fine art landscape photos as museum quality prints in sizes from 20×30″ to show-stopping 48×96″ masterpieces. The photos on this website are offered as limited edition prints, offered in editions of 50, 100, or 300, depending on the photo. Once an edition has sold out that photo is retired and fine art prints will no longer be available, regardless of size or print style. This exclusivity means that limited edition prints are offered at a higher level of investment. Limited edition prints are signed and numbered at the time of printing using an elegant silver, archival pen.

Print Styles

Archival ChromaLuxe Metal Prints

Not all metal prints are created equal. Our ChromaLuxe Metal Prints set a new standard for vibrancy and impact. Using specially-formulated inks the photo is first printed on a high-resolution transfer medium. It is then placed in against a specially-coated aluminum sheet scientifically engineered for maximum performance and longevity. Using precise pressure and temperature, the photo and aluminum sheet are fused in a heat press, causing the inks to sublimate and transfer directly into a 7-layer polyester coating on the surface of the metal.

These Museum-Quality Metal Prints have excellent detail and color, thanks to the extreme luminance of the aluminum. The most frequent comment we receive about them in the gallery is, “Wow! Are these prints backlit? I’ve never seen a print like this!” They are virtually water proof and are scratch and UV resistant as well. Our ChromaLuxe Metal Prints can be ordered with a frame or as a gallery float mount. All prints arrive ready to hang on your walls, with hanging hardware included.

TruLife Acrylic Collector-Level Prints

For the discerning collector, this is the highest-level print I offer.

For this presentation style I print on Lumachrome photographic material for amazing color, longevity, detail, sharpness, and pop. Images look almost three-dimensional.

The print is face-mounted on lens-grade optically clear 1/8″ acrylic and backed with another sheet of acrylic for durability and longevity. The edges are sanded to a satin finish. 

The contemporary look of this photo mounting presentation method is ideal for artwork and images that explode with detail, color, and vibrancy. This presentation is perfect for creating a show-stopping centerpiece for your walls. 

My TruLife acrylic prints are art museum-approved, anti-reflective, abrasion and UV resistant, and arrive ready to hang.

Fine Art Canson Infinity Giclee Prints

If you are looking for a high-end, fine art loose print ready for framing, look no further. I create my fine art prints using Canson Infinity Platine Fibre Rag and genuine archival pigment inks for outstanding color, longevity, detail. The Canson fibre rag is a beautiful, rich paper with pure white tone and a satin finish. These prints come with a 2″ border around the artwork and can be shipped directly to your fine art framer if so desired.

Lumachrome Acryclic and Canson Infinity Giclee

By special request we can also produce prints as Lumachrome Acrylics or Canson Infinity Giclees. Please contact us for more details.

Print Style Comparison

Not sure which kind of print is right for you? Here are the different options to help you decide.

Print Medium

TruLife Acrylic

Metal Dye-Sub*

Fine Art Canson Giclee

Detail, Color, Clarity


Very High

Extremely High




Satin Texture

Needs Framing

No, but can be



Ready to Hang









Navigate to any of the image galleries and click on the photo you are interested in. You will find ordering details on the page for each photo.

Shipping and Delivery

We offer free shipping on prints 30×45″ in size and below. Larger prints will be shipped at the lowest possible freight cost, to be paid by the customer. International orders will be charged shipping at the lowest possible rate. We will confirm any applicable shipping charges with you before order production begins.

Please allow 4 – 6 weeks for production and delivery. 

Print Consultation and Interior Mockups

The best way to see how a print will add to the mood of your home is to see it in your home. Send us a photo of your living room, bedroom, or other interior space and we will create a high-quality visualization with the print and frame of your choice. Know exactly how a print will add to your home before it arrives.

Click here for full details.


Investing in fine art is an important decision. If you have any questions about the prints before you order, please contact us.

Lighting Your Chromaluxe Prints

Good lighting is critical to bring your print to life. To light your artwork properly, we recommend installing overhead 4000K LED spotlights that provide at least 1 lumen per square inch of print. For example, for a 40×60 print (2400 sq in), you would want at least 2400 lumens of light.

Cleaning Chromaluxe Prints

To clean your archival Chromaluxe print use a soft, lint-free cloth and Windex or Rubbing Alcohol. However, never clean the signature area with rubbing alcohol as it can remove the signature.

Acrylic Print backing info for Josh

Dibond backing stays flat but is easily bent – best for framed prints.

For floating print acrylic is better because of thermal expansion properties between front and back of print. different materials on front and back can cause separation.

Komatex is a foamed plastic.

No backer can be ok for smaller prints. but could potentially peel print off. don’t do anything larger than 24×36 without backing 

Color Matching

All prints are produced to the highest standards of detail, color, and clarity. However, due to differences between physical prints and electronic screens, there may be slight color or tone differences between what you see on a computer or phone and a physical print. Although we produce our prints to exacting standards we make no guarantee to exact color matching between the online and physical versions of a photo.

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