The 5 Commandments of Landscape Photography (Do These Or Fail) Now you’re recording yuupppp and this guy is recording too. Okay. Starting to get a little bit cold, and I’m going to put on a beanie because I’m kinda old and scene! You’re very welcome for that, everybody.   It is a major challenge to be prescriptive with art, right? Whenever I’m teaching workshops […]

Create a Magic, Dreamy Glow (Orton Effect) in Lightroom. It’s EASY. If you’ve ever come across a photo online that has a really nice, soft, focused, soft, glowy effect to it. And you’ve wondered exactly how the photographer managed that. Well, this is incredibly easy to accomplish in light room. In fact, it only takes two sliders and I’m going to show you how to […]

4 Fantastic Features in Lightroom You NEED To Be Using Hello my excellent friends! It’s Josh Cripps here. Now I like many of you use the Adobe suite to edit my photos. And in particular, I spend a lot of time in Lightroom. And today I want to share with you four fantastic features that I love about the program that I think you […]

How Much Post Processing Goes Into My Landscape Photos? Greetings my excellent friends. It’s Josh Cripps here. Now y’all know that I’m a huge believer that you don’t need to be a Photoshop expert in order to be a great landscape photographer. I have nothing against Photoshop and I think all those really cool advanced techniques can be useful tools when you know […]

How to Replace a Sky in Photoshop The Right Way

A couple of days ago, I was roaming my way around the old interwebs and I came across this video by Mark Denney and in this video Mark paid a bunch of professional Photoshop experts on Fiverr to create a composite photo for him. He had this base image of Corona Arch with this totally […]

Create a Milky Way Composite Night Photo in Photoshop. Part 2: Select & Mask

Milky Way Composite in Photoshop - Select and Mask

Learn how to create a Milky Way Composite Night Photo in Photoshop. In this video I cover techniques to create virtually perfect selections and masks for a clean composite. To follow along you need a Milky Way photo plus a photo from the same composition shot during dusk. Part 1: Edit and process the Milky […]

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