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Ansel Adams Wilderness, California

Hi, I’m Joshua Cripps.

Over the past decade I’ve built a career where I:

• Travel the globe as a wilderness landscape photographer
• Get my photos published by NatGeo, CNN, and Nikon
• Present at conferences and lead photo tours internationally

Come learn photography with me! Here are my upcoming tours and workshops:

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A selection of Joshua's signature works:

A little more about Josh…

I wasn’t always a photographer. In fact, when I first started photography I had no idea how to take a good photo…

I was on an 18-month, round-the-world trip after college and I was experiencing the most incredible moments of my life. I was so blown away by the amazing things I was seeing and feeling that I wanted to learn how to capture those moments better. I bought a DSLR and started devouring articles and videos about photography. But you know what happened? My photos SUCKED! In fact, they were worse with the nice camera than they were with the point and shoot I had been using previously.

It took me years to figure out why: it turns out it’s almost impossible to learn photography on your own by absorbing random tidbits of theory. Instead, if you want to learn to take better photos, you need a structured path to follow and a knowledgeable guide to help you along the way.

In the years since coming to this realization I’ve been able to improve my photography skills so much that I’ve been featured places like CNN and NASA, I’ve won major photo competitions, grown a thriving audience online, given presentations and done global marketing shoots for Nikon, and I’ve been able to turn my passion for photography into a full time profession.

I’ve also been teaching landscape photography for over a decade now and I’ve learned that it’s not just me who loves to learn photography through a clear and simple approach. What I do is teach photography through simple step-by-step lessons designed for people like you and me.

I’m a normal guy. I wasn’t born with some unusual gift for art. I’m not a photography prodigy. I’m simply a regular dude who wants to shoot photos that make me happy. And I believe that’s what photography should be for you too: it should be fun, it should make you happy, and it should help you build a deeper connection with Mother Nature.

Since sharing my method of learning with my students, thousands of photographers have learned to shoot photos they love far more quickly and easily than they ever thought possible. 

Check out my upcoming workshops and tours:


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