Question of the Week Submission

Got an amazing, interesting, or puzzling question you’d like to see featured in a Pro Photo Tips video and our newsletter? Send it to us using the form below!

Some helpful tips to have your question featured:

  • Ask something specific and practical, like “What’s the best way to get sharper images using a telephoto lens when it’s windy?” or “How can I introduce intentional camera movement into my photos as a creative effect?”
  • We’re going to answer questions that haven’t already been asked before, or covered in an article or video, so make sure to do a search for your topic to see if we’ve already talked about it.
  • Don’t be too broad, general, or vague with your question. For example, “What’s the best camera to get?” or “Why are my photos blurry?” are almost impossible questions to answer.
  • Ask questions you think will be interesting to lots of people.

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