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Introduction and File Downloads

About This Tutorial
Lightroom Develop is one of the most intuitive and robust raw processing programs available. Its simple and powerful tools allow for extremely rich and targeted photo editing. This comprehensive beginner / intermediate video tutorial covers every aspect of LR Develop and shows you how to easily and beautifully edit your raw photos.
What You’ll Learn
This course is broken into 8 chapters for easy digestion, and includes raw files for you to edit along with the videos:
  • Chapter 1 – Getting Around & Customizing, 10:30 min: Learn the layout of the Lightroom Develop Module and the benefits of shooting raw. Customize the program to work best for you.
  • Chapter 2 – Basic Global Adjustments, 15:00 min: Gain an in-depth understanding of LR’s powerful global editing sliders.
  • Chapter 3 – Color and Tone Adjustments, 26:00 min: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Tone Curve, HSL, and Split Toning panels, how to use them intelligently, and when to leave well enough alone.
  • Chapter 4 – Detail, Lens Correction, Effects, Calibration , 25:00 min: Understand how to sharpen your photos and reduce noise, correct for lens distortion, add artistic effects, and fine tune LR’s camera profiles.
  • Chapter 5 – Local Adjustments, 16:30 min: Learn the ins and outs of the three extraordinarily powerful local adjustment tools, the Graduated Filter, Radial Filter, and Adjustment Brush, in order to gain complete control of your processing.
  • Chapter 6 – Clean Up Tools, 15:30 min: Understand the best ways to clean up blemishes, clean up images, and crop, rotate, and straighten intelligently.
  • Chapter 7 – Shortcuts & Streamlining , 15:30 min: Gain a deep understanding of the History palette, creating Presets for quick editing, using Snapshots for multiple edits of the same image, and how to transfer Develop settings from one image to another.
  • Chapter 8 – Complete Workflow 1 & 2, 10:30 min & 9:45 min: Put it all together with two complete start-to-finish processing walkthroughs. Develop your own workflow and put the Develop tools to use for you.
Copyright Info
All content provided in this tutorial is copyright me, Joshua Cripps. Please use the enclosed raw files and/or resulting photos only for your own education. That is, don’t upload the photos to Facebook, flickr, Instagram, 500px, or any other similar service, because that would make me sad.
Thanks again and enjoy the tutorial!

Course Materials

Click the file names below to download the raw files for this course.


Click the links below to download my LR Shortcuts Custom Graphic.