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Bonus #1: 4 Steps to Successful Landscape Photos eBook

Your first free bonus is the webinar distilled into an eBook form. 

Bonus #2: Landscape Photography Critique and Analysis eBook

Do you analyze your photos in the field while shooting?

Do you have a framework for doing this?

Do you wish you had a toolkit to help you make better decisions in the field?

That’s exactly what this free eBook is. It’s easy to look at a photo and know whether we like it or not. But not necessarily WHY we like it or not. By analyzing a photo and thinking through our choices as photographers we can build a better tool kit for creating awesome photos.

This eBook contains 27 simple questions you can ask yourself in the field to ensure you’re doing everything possible to find an interesting subject, maximize your composition, choose the right camera settings, and get the best light.


Watch the video version of this eBook as well:

Bonus #3: Watch Josh Analyze and Fix His Own Photos

In this video I analyze many of my own photos, identifying what works and what doesn’t for each image. Then, using the Golden Rule framework (Subject, Composition, Technique, Light) I fix the problems in each photo and show the resulting transformation.

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