About Pro Photo Tips

Howdy! I’m Josh Cripps, head photo nerd here at Pro Photo Tips. I discovered nature photography in late 2006 and was instantly and irreversibly hooked. Since then my passion for photography has taken me around the world and helped me discover more beauty than I ever thought possible. Somewhere along the way I discovered that I love teaching other photographers all the little tips, tricks, and chunks of knowledge I’ve learned over the years. And while I do love teaching workshops, in 2014 I decided I wanted to reach more photographers, and to help photographers around the world improve their skills.

I recorded a few videos for YouTube and before I knew it they were surging in popularity and people were clamoring for more! It was clear there was a huge need in the world for simple, well-thought out photography tips, and voila! Pro Photo Tips was born.

The goal of Pro Photo Tips is simple: help you become a better nature photographer. Our articles cover composition, camera settings, photography technique and workflow, post-processing, gear, critiques, and more. So dive in and grow as a photographer!

Hope you enjoy.


Josh Cripps

Josh Cripps

Photo Nerd