Create a Milky Way Composite Night Photo in Photoshop. Part 2: Select & Mask

Milky Way Composite in Photoshop - Select and Mask

Learn how to create a Milky Way Composite Night Photo in Photoshop. In this video I cover techniques to create virtually perfect selections and masks for a clean composite. To follow along you need a Milky Way photo plus a photo from the same composition shot during dusk. Part 1: Edit and process the Milky […]

Window to the Sky


Taken in the Pioneer Basin, John Muir Wilderness, high Sierra Nevada mountains in California on July 11th, 2014 At the tail end of a 5-day backpacking trip through the John Muir Wilderness I woke up to that rarest of Sierra sights: clouds in the sky at morning. After shooting the blazingly colorful sunrise near the […]

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