The Best Noise Reduction for Milky Way Photos: Image Stacking

Probably the most common image quality issue in night photography is noise. Shooting dark scenes at short shutter speeds and high ISOs is a proven recipe for grainy images (technically it’s not the ISO itself that’s responsible for the noise, but that’s a whole other topic). This leaves many photographers wondering how to obtain a […]

How to Visit a Landscape Photography Gallery, Part I

A friend recently said to me that he wasn’t sure how to visit a photography gallery. He doesn’t think of himself as an art collector or fine art connoisseur and he didn’t know if he’d be able to appreciate the work on display, or if the salespeople would be patronizing or not. I’ve seen a […]

Photographing the Deepest Valley in the US (Owens Valley Adventure, Part 1) In photography. It’s easy to focus on the results and to forget about the process. It’s easy to see the pretty picture and not have any sense of what actually went into creating it. Those early wake ups, the cold, the wind, but the truth is every photograph is like an iceberg. There’s this […]

The Most Remote Arch in the Alabama Hills (Owens Valley Adventure, Part 2) It’s Josh Cripps here. And I am out this morning, the Owens river here in the Owens Valley. Look at the light on those peaks. That is nice. This is not the reason that I’m actually out here this weekend. I’m headed to the Alabama Hills because there’s a specific arch that I want […]

Create PERFECT Milky Way Composites Blends in Photoshop (3 Common Mistakes) So I recently took a poll about one of my Milky way photos. And unfortunately I only got one response and that response was really harsh. That’s right. You was complaining about a very common problem in Milky way photography, which is the foreground and sky blend looking funky. So in this video, I’m […]

Finding Paradise: A Short Film About the Most Beautiful Place in California


Every time I’ve come close to dying. It’s involved a mountain, a steep slope and a somewhat reckless human. Uh, me, my name is Josh Cripps and I’ve had the unbelievable fortune to travel the world as a landscape photographer for most of the past decade. And in my years of adventuring around the planet, […]

Lightroom: 4 Features You NEED To Be Using Hello my excellent friends! It’s Josh Cripps here. Now I like many of you use the Adobe Suite to edit my photos. And in particular, I spend a lot of time in Lightroom. And today I want to share with you four fantastic features that I love about the program that I think you […]

The Most Underrated Skill In Landscape Photography: SCOUTING If I could recommend one thing to you that would make the biggest difference in your landscape photography. It wouldn’t be to buy a new camera or get a spiffy lens or learn the latest Photoshop techniques. It would simply be this, get outside more. Excellent friends, Josh Cripps here, you know, I have […]

4 Tips For Kickass Telephoto Landscape Photos Hey. So as you can see, I’ve got a bunch of lenses lined up here on my desk. And if you had to guess, which one of these would you think is my personal favorite for landscape photography? Now you might be tempted to say that it’s the 14 millimeter ultra wide angle. This […]

How I Got The Shot: Stirling Falls, New Zealand. Behind the Scenes Landscape Photography Greetings my excellent friends. It’s Josh Cripps here. I’m going to be starting a new series here on the channel where I talk about the behind the scenes of some of my favourite or most well-known or signature photos. And I’m going to talk you through exactly what the shot is, how I got […]

Why I Will NEVER Replace a Sky in My Landscape Photographs Unbelievable. I just recorded this whole video and it wasn’t actually recording at all. All right, here we go again. What’s up everybody. It’s Josh Cripps here with another video. Sick sky bro! Capitol color chap. Whoa it’s sick conditions bra. Well, thanks guys. I appreciate that a lot. I can’t tell you how […]

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