Kaila Pearson: Volleyballer

Volleyball portrait by Santa Cruz Photographer Joshua Cripps

The funny thing is, she isn’t even a volleyball player. A self-described “child of the water,” Kaila told me she loved everything having to do with the sea: swimming, surfing, and SUPing. But volleyball? Not her bag. But when a tall, beautiful, athletic blonde volunteers to pose on the beach for you in December, you […]

Anatomy of a Shot: Amanda Thompson, Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider composite portrait by Santa Cruz photographer Josh Cripps

Back in August 2011 I dressed my friend Amanda up as Lara Croft, Tomb Raider and took her into the redwood forest of Nisene Marks to do some conceptual portraits of her. I was very happy with the shots at the time but I was looking them over a few weeks ago and thought the […]

Christy Russell: Zumba Dance Teacher

Santa Cruz Zumba Dance Portrait

In June I photographed some dance portraits for Santa Cruz Zumba instructor Christy Russell. I invited my friend and follow photographer Diego Tabango to join me for the shoot. We met Christy at her studio in Scotts Valley and began scouting for an interesting background for the portraits. Since Christy incorporates a fair bit of […]

The Thug Life

Thug Life composite portrait from Santa Cruz photographer Josh Cripps

Digital imaging and software packages like Photoshop have led to a groundbreaking revolution in composite photography. I love compositing because it frees you up creatively. There are no limits to the images you can create. Dangerous and fantastical adventures, underwater worlds, and magical moments. Nothing is out of bounds, and the only things limiting the […]

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