Volleyball portrait by Santa Cruz Photographer Joshua Cripps

Kaila Pearson: Volleyballer

The funny thing is, she isn't even a volleyball player. A…
Tomb Raider composite portrait by Santa Cruz photographer Josh Cripps

Anatomy of a Shot: Amanda Thompson, Tomb Raider

Back in August 2011 I dressed my friend Amanda up as Lara Croft,…
Photography portrait of Santa Cruz woodworker Blake Weber

Blake Weber: Woodworker

This is Blake Weber, firefighter, amateur photographer, kick…
Santa Cruz Zumba Dance Portrait

Christy Russell: Zumba Dance Teacher

In June I photographed some dance portraits for Santa Cruz Zumba…
Thug Life composite portrait from Santa Cruz photographer Josh Cripps

The Thug Life

Digital imaging and software packages like Photoshop have led…