New Zealand Photography Adventure

For me the best things in life are traveling and taking pictures. This April, for the first time in four years I have the opportunity to go on a international photo trip. I spent a lot of time thinking about possible destinations: I could go somewhere iconic in the photography world like Iceland, Patagonia, or […]

Going to Tern Island!

Woot!  In a sudden turn of events (no pun intended), the powers that be have seen fit to allow me to visit / volunteer at / shoot Tern Island for a whole month, starting NOW!  Tern is in the French Frigate shoals, a series of small coral atolls about half way between Honolulu and Midway.  […]

Photo safari to South Africa

From August 8th through September 15th I’ll be cruising around South Africa.  Should be coming home with some great shots.

Photography Excursion to Abalone Cove: Wednesday, March 26th, 6am

Hey all, I’m planning to head back to Abalone Cove on the morning of Wednesday, March 26th, 2008 when the low tide will coincide with the sunrise within about 15 minutes. It should make for a great opportunity for interesting seascape photography. If you want to come along, send me an email!

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