New Zealand Photography Adventure

Josh Cripps' New Zealand Photography Adventure, April 2012

For me the best things in life are traveling and taking pictures. This April, for the first time in four years I have the opportunity to go on a international photo trip. I spent a lot of time thinking about possible destinations: I could go somewhere iconic in the photography world like Iceland, Patagonia, or the Himalaya but I don’t like the idea of traveling to these highly-photographed locations to take the same pictures as every other photographer who goes there. But it occurred to me that there is a place just as beautiful which has somehow managed to stay off the world’s photography radar: New Zealand. I’ve been there a few times before and always been blown away by the sheer grandeur of the place. Yet I’m baffled by the lack of quality photos from this gorgeous country. So I’m going there for the entire month of April not only to create new and beautiful imagery from this spectacular place, but also to help put it on the photography map.

But in order to produce the best images I possibly can I need to take advantage of as many opportunities as I possibly can, which is where I could use your help. I’ve already got the trip itself paid for but since this project is about photography I want to make sure that the images I come home with are really special. I plan to charter scenic flights, go on glacier hikes, and hire outfitters and guides to take me to remote locations in order to get the best photos possible. I’m gathering support to help me cover the costs involved in taking advantage of these special opportunities. Every little bit of support means one more chance to create a killer photo. But I’m not asking for a donation or for charity. In return for helping support the project, you will receive fine art prints of your favorite photos from the trip. Which means not only are you supporting a fantastic adventure and arts project, but you’re also getting unique and beautiful fine art photography at a great price. Any amount of support, even $1, helps me make this photography adventure as good as it can be.

But there is a catch: since I’m raising funds through Kickstarter, it’s an all or nothing effort. In other words the project only gets funded if I meet or exceed my goal of $3000 by the funding deadline, which is coming up in only a few short weeks on March 18th. If I don’t reach the goal by then I don’t get any funds at all. So please support if you can, tell your friends and family, and with your help this project will be the experience of a lifetime.

You can find out more about this New Zealand photography adventure here:

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