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Taken in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile, on March 11th, 2017 while on assignment for the Nikon 8-15mm fisheye lens.

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  1. Josh: I saw your interview on ShutterMonkeys and was blown away by the photos. Words like “epic” “grand” “awe-inspiring” “reverent” came to mind. I like this one in particular because of my obsession with dead or dormant trees, or live trees that reveal the structure of their branches. It’s the fantastic shapes, the way the branches spread out and get thinner and thinner until they look almost like hairs, the texture of the bark, the contrast with the living stuff around them. Dead things can be beautiful, too.

  2. Josh, this is a stunning image of something I ignored. It looks like the result of careless campers’ forest in fires Torres del Paine National Park.
    I saw it as the devastation of a beautiful area, not noticing that it had its own beauty.

    1. Thanks so much, Helen. I’m happy you enjoy this image. One of the things I love about nature photography is its ability to help us see beauty everywhere.

  3. What a stunning photo! I found your site while searching for a platform to post nature photos I’ve been taking here in Michigan. Also beautiful, but in a much different way than in your photo from Chile. I’ve been taking Shinrin-yoku walks focusing on smaller details and shooting with my phone. Also, much different results. IT’s inspiriting to see your site and the details you’re capturing with, I’m assuming, a camera. Ultimately, I’m going to build a site to house my Michigan photos. IT’s amazing how wonderful just looking at a beautiful picture can make me feel. This is the feeling I’m hoping to share with others with what I’m working on. Thanks for the inspiration Josh!

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