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Taken in Gardiner Basin in Kings Canyon National Park, California, on July 19th, 2018

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  1. Is this the area you told the very entertaining story about on the PhotogAdventures podcast? Just heard it today, excellent.
    The photograph reminds me of my father and me doing a 10-day packing trip out of Red’s Meadow in my teen-youth, I’ll say 1965, long before I began trying to make deathless art with a camera. We were mostly above 10,000 feet, going around to different lakes to fish (not interested in catching fish myself, but it was a me-and-Dad thing, don’t you know).
    The terrain was very similar to this, probably just over the ridge to the east of you, the most stunning places I’d ever seen. Someday, when travel is more prudent than now, I want to get up there again. You mentioned Little Lakes; that sounds doable for a pair of geezers, maybe.

    1. Hey Don, yes, I think it is! I don’t remember exactly which stories I told on the PA podcast, but this is one of my faves, so it likely was.

      Little Lakes is a fantastic, relatively easy trip into the Sierra high country. I can also recommend Green Creek near Bridgeport, and North Fork of Big Pine Creek ain’t too bad either.



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