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  1. Chad Solomon
    Chad Solomon says:

    Great article Josh, this is so comprehensive! I used to have the Lee (but it shattered) and I probably would have bought it again had I not read this. On the whole Lee glass breaking issue, what are NiSi, Progrey and Breakthrough made of?

    • Josh Cripps
      Josh Cripps says:

      Hey Chad,

      Glad you enjoyed it. Bummer about the Lee but at least it’s an opportunity to invest in a better-performing filter. The other filters are all glass as well, so all shatter-prone if you drop them.



  2. Stephen Stevenson
    Stephen Stevenson says:

    Hi Joshua,
    Just curious as to why you did not evaluate Breakthrough’s X4 ND 10 stop square filter. They make a 100mm square and a 150mm square in I believe 3, 6,10 & 15 stops for the 100mm version and 3, 6 & 10 stops for the 150mm version.

    I have the 3 and 6 stops 100mm square and are very happy with them.

    Keep up the good work. Love your blog and videos.

  3. Maen
    Maen says:

    there are some brands very cheap and so amazing with minimum color cast ,
    Like Andoer ND filter 10 Stops , i ordered it from Amazon i think for only 15$ i decided to try it and what results i discovered was very brilliant , it is not glass filter but i loved it and i made review around it , only need little bit correction because it is little darker , but i advise everyone to try it , here is my review :


    you can order it from amazon :


  4. Rajinder
    Rajinder says:

    Hi Josh, I really liked your effort to compare 10x ND filters and a guidance to decide which one to go for. I really appreciate once again but what do you say about the very popular and sought after The More Slow 10x ND Singh-Ray filter. It’s a very well used filter among most of American top Pro photographers. Is it posible for you to rate this filter at some point? Kind regards.

  5. Frank
    Frank says:

    I went for the Nisi filter system. Performance is great. What REALLY sold me is the way the circular polarizer functions in the holder…


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