How to Process the Milky Way in Lightroom and Photoshop

Take your boring Milky Way photo and use post processing to bring it to life in Lightroom or Photoshop’s ACR. Learn the 5 key points of Milky Way processing: exposure, color, contrast, detail/noise, and tonal fine tuning.

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  1. Hi, Joshua
    Just found you again on YT. I used to watch all the time before your break. You crossed my mind as I was surfing landscape videos. Why did I remember you? You have great delivery and attitude. You talk across not down to your audience. Your content is relevant and you are a badass photographer! I’m a published Astro photographer but a Landscape hack. I suck. You have helped me get better in more areas than I care to admit tot. Thank you!

    1. Hey Daniel,

      Right on, man! Thanks for the support and kind words. I really appreciate it. Wishing you clear skies when you want them, and great light the rest of the time. Take care,


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