How To Autofocus in the Dark? Photography Question Of The Week

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Focusing your camera in the dark is darn near impossible, whether you use manual or autofocus. Here are some tips to get perfect focus even when there’s not a lot of light to work with.

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4 Responses

  1. Hello Josh,
    I will be backpacking to Evolution Valley this year the first part of August and would like to know if you use ND Filters?
    Would you recommend a variable ND filter or a Solid ND filter, which one do you use?

    1. Hi Dave,

      Awesome! I have yet to visit Evolution Valley myself but I’ve heard such amazing things about it. To answer your question, I do use ND filters, both solid and graduated filters. The grads are great to hold a bright sky in check with the foreground, while the solid ND filters are very useful for extending your shutter speed for long exposure effects. Personally I prefer the 4×4 drop in filters because they’re easier to work with. ProGrey and NiSi are great brands. I don’t love variable ND filters because they’re imprecise can cause unexpected effects if you dial them too far.

      Cheers, and have fun out there!


      1. Hi Josh,

        Do I need to buy LEE filter holder for LEE ND filters? And NISI for NISI etc?
        Or I can buy LEE holder and put any filter on it?

        Is there any cheap but good filter holder? (LEE holder is around 80$).

        1. Hi Mandar,

          Most filter holders will work with other filters. I regularly put NiSi and Progrey filters in my Lee holder, and vice versa. In my experience you get what you pay for so I wouldn’t recommend buying a cheap filter holder because it will probably break sooner or have features that are aggravating. All the best,


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