What Camera Settings Should I Use? – Photography Question of the Week

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Mystified by what camera settings are the “right” ones? Learn a simple system to help you choose perfect camera settings every single time.

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2 Responses

  1. How do you go about dealing with conditions that change on a minute by minute basis? I live surrounded by hills and the light varies from brilliant sunlight to dense cloud and everything in between. Just as I think I have it sorted, it changes. Again. As the wind picks up so does the speed of change. I’m generally shooting fast moving dogs over agility equipment and so shutter speed takes the lead, but I do wonder what professionals do in that situation?
    Thank you for your videos, I really enjoy them.

    1. Hi Jo,

      When conditions change quickly it can be helpful to let your camera do most of the heavy lifting. Shoot in Shutter Priority if you need to target a certain shutter speed, and perhaps use Auto-ISO as well to make sure nothing gets too dark. Then it’s a matter of making sure your exposure doesn’t get blown out when things get suddenly brighter. That’s a question of using the right kind of metering and exposure compensation to suit the situation.

      Good luck and have fun!


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