Watermark Your Photos Effortlessly in Lightroom

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If you are looking to defeat image pirates or see your name on your digital work, stick around and I’ll show you how you can add watermarks effortlessly in this Lightroom tutorial.

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5 Responses

  1. Hello.i have lightroom 6.the problem i have it wont let me ancor my logo in the right place.and logo sometimes wont export with photo.any info.wil be greatful thank you.

    1. My guess is that perhaps you aren’t saving your settings as a new preset. Double check that when you add the watermark and the location that you save it as a new preset and hopefully that will take care of everything. All the best,


  2. Thanks a lot Josh. Photography is my hobby and I don’t have any friend especially with whom I could share and ask about any tips etc. on this topic. I find your tips and videos very easy to understand and I enjoy. Thanks again.

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