How Much Photoshop is Too Much?

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Look at this new photo I have finished editing! – Yikes, why are your eyes bleeding??? Too much Photoshop? Ohhh…

Post-processing is an integral part of photography these days but it’s all too common in this digital era to see photos pushed past their breaking point.
Even great photos can be ruined when the Photoshopping gets out of hand.

The problem is when you’re in the thick of editing you often can’t see the forest for the trees and it’s tough to tell when you’ve gone overboard with your processing. So here are two simple techniques you can use to make sure no one ever describes your photo as over-processed puke.

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  1. I noticed that on the Lower Left & Right of Lightroom you have your short cuts listed… How can I do this?
    Great idea… Your teaching are so easy to listen too… Keep up the good work!
    Thank You,


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