Anatomy of a Landscape Photo

What goes into a great landscape photo? See how the four critical elements of any good image -Subject, Technique, Composition, and Light- are used to craft this photo from the Peruvian highlands.

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  1. Rick Stamm
    Rick Stamm says:


    Thanks for making this effort to share your mental as well as visual perspectives of a very compelling and dramatic moment from one of your journeys. I found this video very informative since you freely offered a rare glimpse into your mindset on its creation as well as things you’d change about your composition if you could. Your logic for such changes was very sound as were your explanations as to how each of your four primary elements impact your presented version. Like threads in a finely woven tapestry, your viewers can now easily grasp such professional insights reflecting, applying, and adapting these concepts as each continues to weave their own unique creations from outdoor photographic exploration.

    May your efforts continue to bring you much pleasure and in turn the same with whom you share.

    ~ r ~

  2. Teja
    Teja says:

    This is a great video providing insight on what goes inside a pro photographer’s mind while in the field shooting landscape. It’s an extremely useful video for learners like me. Thank you very much.

  3. Stephen
    Stephen says:

    Great video Josh. The four elements are the things I try to keep in mind as I shoot. Thanks for posting and I enjoy your other videos as well!

  4. Bea
    Bea says:

    …oh my God, I discover your site and I’m watching all your videos!they are so so interesting!
    Thank you so much for this one!
    Being inside a photographer mind is very useful!

    Thank you for your job!

  5. Paul
    Paul says:

    I was wondering about cropping out part of the mountain on the left and some of the foreground. I really enjoyed your commentary on the symmetry of the shot, something I normally don’t look for, but will try to do so in the future.


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