Convert Photos to Black and White in Photoshop – A Powerful, Easy Method

In the latest video from Pro Photo Tips, learn a unique, easy-to-use, and powerful method to convert your photos to black and white in Photoshop. No need for the clunky built-in B&W tool or expensive plugins.

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3 Responses

  1. I love Black & White images so therefore loved this video. But I was surprised that you prefer this to the “black & white” adjustment layer. I’ve always found that in conjunction with additional gradient adjustment layers to be just as versatile and dramatic

    1. Hey Mike,

      Thanks for the comment. The reason that I personally don’t like the B&W adjustment layer is that I’ve always found it too easy to lead to weird tonal inversions and artifacts in the image. Push the reds down too far and the blues up too far (or something similar) and things start to look real weird real quick. Maybe it’s just my experience and there’s a better way to use the tool than I’ve found……



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