Alaskan Winter Adventure, Part 1

I don’t believe in omens but today I’ll make an exception. Today marks the true beginning of my Alaskan winter photo adventure. Sure, I actually left home two days ago, but it was all supporting travel: driving to a friend’s to stay overnight, then heading to the airport to fly to Seattle. Today is the day the real travel begins. To be a true adventure a trip needs a dose of uncertainty; something unexpected, something unknown, something novel. And since today my friends and I board the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry for a 3-day trip to Haines -a method of transport I’ve not undertaken to a place I’ve not been- I declare that today is the day the adventure starts.

And in uncertain times of adventure it often becomes necessary to look for a sign that that uncertainty has a certain outcome. Hence, my omen: I woke up to snow in Seattle this morning. And if there’s a more appropriate way to start a winter adventure than with snow on the morning of departure I don’t know what it is.
Snow in Seattle

I’ll be updating the blog with stories and photos from the road for the next two weeks. You can subscribe via rss or check in on Facebook to see what’s happening.

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