10,000 Facebook Fans? Holy Schnikes!

On Saturday, September 29th, 2013 I crossed a major social media milestone. An elusive, shimmering specter of Facebook fandom I’ve wanted to achieve since I started my page: the 10,000 Likes point. And while I’m totally stoked on this achievement I admit I also find it a bit puzzling, as the 10,000 fan breakthrough came while I was riding an inexplicable tidal wave of new followers.

Typically I might get 7-10 new likes a day. Up until about a month ago, 100 new likes in a week was good organic growth for my page. But as soon as I crossed the 8,000 fan mark my page’s like growth skyrocketed like a thumbs-up strapped to a jetpack. Suddenly I was receiving 100-150 new followers every day. As I type this the rate has increased further to around 200 likes/day. I’m absolutely floored by this incredible growth, and I thank you all deeply for your support. But as I mentioned, I’m also a bit puzzled: where is everyone coming from?

To celebrate the 10,000 fan milestone I’m giving away $50 print gift certificates to anyone who wants one; all you have to do is tell me how you found my Facebook page. Let me know in the comments down below.

Thanks a million (er, a ten-thousand, I mean)!

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  1. Wow…what some people will do for free swag…I kid, of course. I believe I first came across you on a YouTube page and just kind of followed you along. I always appreciate a good sense of humor!

  2. I love your pictures!!! The colours and images are amazing!! I love taking photos, of course I am no a professional! Just wanted to say “hello” from Argentina. Go big or go home!! I fully agree with you!! see you!! xxx

  3. I see the incredible growth continues. 🙂 I found you through a Google image search for “santa cruz waterfall ocean” – in trying to figure out where Barry Blanchard captured a recent photo.

  4. When I “liked” another photographer’s work, Face book showed four pages “similar” to the one I liked. I followed that lead and like your work.
    I would like to receive the $50 gift certificate if the offer is still open.
    Thanks a million,
    Bill Zager

  5. So awesome!!! You guys rock. It is so cool to hear all the stories and connections here. It makes me ooze gratitude.

    I will be sending out the gift certificates as soon as I have a chance to put them together. Should be within the next day or two. Thanks, everyone!

  6. A “friend” liked your Burning Bright photo on FB and I saw it. I was really impressed with it and ended up “liking” your page and invited another friend of mine to “like” your page too. I think your photos are awesome and that’s why I signed up to do the Eastern Sierra workshop with you this month.

  7. I am Marlene and Dave’s mother. That’s how I found out about you. We love your work and Dave has some of your work. As a matter of fact, when I’m at my computer, a nice 20×30 canvas wrapped print of cracked ice is to my right.

  8. You popped up as a suggested page on facebook I guess because I indicated my interest in photography. I checked out your page and, of course, liked it! You have been the subject of many conversations between my brother, Dave Loch, and myself. We both love your work!!!

  9. I’ve known you since high school, all the way through USC and Boeing in El Segundo. I’m inspired by your choice to leave the hustle and bustle of LA for the back country…walking past the two JC pics I have in my house is a regular reminder of how beautiful our Great Outdoors is! Keep doing what you’re doing, buddy – I’m looking forward to adding to my collection of JC art! Congrats on 10,000!

  10. I found your Facebook page after seeing some of your images shared through photography sites or mail lists.

    Then met you at the Los Gatos Art festival.


  11. On Facebook I saw your picture of Lake Don Pedro. My son works and lives at Don Pedro Dam and I shared your awesome photo to him. Been following you since, love your photography!!

  12. Just looking for good landscape photographer I came over your site . Love your work and your passion.

  13. I met you at one of your shows in Monterey about 4 years ago. Now I have 2 huge and beautiful canvases of your amazing photos. Lim a very lucky girl !

  14. Hey Josh. Used to work and play volleyball with you. Been watching your photography career blossom ever since. Congrats on all your accomplishments!

  15. I stumbled across your shots on flickr when I was searching through some group and I remember really liking a lot of them because they reminded me of my own style and the kinds of shots I dreamed of.
    Then you posted “Global Warming” and my jaw fell — that is still one of my 10 favorite images I’ve ever seen. Ever. I drove to Yosemite the next weekend hoping for something half as good.
    Then you added me as a friend on facebook and I liked your page! 🙂

  16. My sister told me about your page. She thought that the photography was my style. An interesting fact here. You had a drawing that I won. I believe it was for achieving 200 fans. LOL!!!

  17. I met you at the art show in Morro Bay where I was captivated by not only your art, but also your brilliance, conscience, and sense of adventure.

  18. Hello, Joshua! After joining FB, I noticed that a good friend of mine had liked and commented on one of your photographs. I followed him to your page, liked it immediately, and have enjoyed your portfolio ever since. You have incredible images, thank you for sharing!

  19. Your Facebook page was one of the suggested pages to check out as being similar to the kind of photography that I follow from another photographer.
    Clicked on your page and found absolutely beautiful photos from a part of the U.S. that I would love to visit. If I never get to visit, I can travel there through your photos. Look forward to your new posts.

  20. I saw your work on flickr and have been following your work/blog and tutorials ever since. Your work is inspiring! Keep clicking !!

  21. I have been following you since “we” went on the kickstarter trip together. I enjoy looking at the pictures every day.

  22. Hello Joshua! I found your FB page after browsing through a few other professional photographers personal FB pages out of UT (I believe my search started with Jay Dash Photography). I found your page because a fellow photographer had liked it and I was drawn to your site because you have an eye for capturing beautiful scenes of the environment and I love seeing them pop up on my news feed, they are always inspirational! I am passionate about outdoor photography and love to see where it can take people and what they capture with their cameras, thanks for sharing your incredible photos with the world and thank you for the opportunity to win a print! – Dani

  23. Found you on Flickr years ago. You’ve had a profound influence on my photography ever since. One of the main reasons I got into seascapes.

  24. In my facebook feed were two likes from friends of mine. I clicked on it because I like good photography. Then liked it because the images were good.

  25. hello there Josh im happy to say iv been a follower of your page for sometime now, and im always amazed at your incredible picture of yosemite. I first heard about your page through a suggested page on Facebook. Since i live about an hour and a half away from Yosemite i just had to like it. I deeply appreciate your photos because i love Yosemite so much.

  26. I found your Facebook page via my husband, Zack Uribe. Finding you in person at the Los Altos Art & Wine show in 2012 was even better. Congrats on such a great milestone.

  27. Because you are the man and I happen to know you! Haha jokes. When I upgrade my living status down the road, my place will be full of Cripps collection photography.

  28. Hi Josh, I found your website through a mutual friend on facebook. I’ve been following you for over a year now and absolutely LOVE your work! Someday I hope to be able to attend one of your teaching workshops! Thanks for making my facebook feed a more beautiful, inspiring place.

  29. I stumbled upon some of your photographs of Yosemite and Santa Cruz on Flickr. I then decided to keep looking at your photographs and found your Facebook page.

  30. My sisters, my mom and I met you at Morro Bay on Memorial Day weekend 2012. My sister and I both bought the same Lake Tahoe print, and you made fans of all of us!

  31. I have had faith in your for a couple of years.. Remember when I took the Sea to Summit photoshop with you and JIm and was afraid to climb up on the ledge but once up there had a great time and learned what a good teacher you were.. Had a great afternoon.. Anyway, that’s how I met you and have been following you ever since.. Your picture and photos are awesome and I’ve even bought a few from you. SO very glad you hit this milestone.. now on to 20,000 likes. It can be done 🙂 Take care and I’d be honored to take that offer you sent.. and I will continue to share your work on FB and let others see the beauty of the work you do..

  32. I saw an ad on facebook about your incredible photos .So had to take a look .
    They are amazing pics My neice lives in Colo U S A .
    And we love spening time with her when we are able .Wish I could take pics like yours .So wonderful an amazing talent .Keep sharing your Beautiful Pictures .!!!

    With us .Carol Driscoll South Wales United Kingdom .

  33. I like another photographer on FB and I think you and several other photographers were recommended, I just recently started following you, I think the first picture was when you were out with your mom at Yosemite. I love you pictures!

  34. I think somehow you showed up in an ad or something on my Facebook feed, and I thought your photos were great, so I “liked” you!

  35. I found you through my sister, Leslie Newman and also through knowing your sister Jamie. I’m so glad I followed you and get to see your amazing prints every week! I know your success with continue to grow! 🙂

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