Wanaka: New Zealand Photography Adventure, Day 03

Photographer Josh Cripps at Wanaka Willow

How far would you go for a tree? Last night I realized that I flew halfway around the world for one. If this seems crazy to you please realize that this is no ordinary tree. Nay, it’s the famous Wanaka Willow, quite possibly the coolest tree I’ve personally ever seen. It’s like a bonzai on steroids, with gracefully sculpted limbs and the sweetest location ever. Growing directly out of one of the most scenic lakes on the planet, this tree is worth traveling for. Especially in April when the willow’s golden Fall foliage shines brightly against Lake Wanaka’s deep blues.

(If you’d like your own opportunity to shoot this amazing tree, be sure to check out my New Zealand Photography Tour. This epic workshop spends quality time in and around Wanaka for great photography. Check it out here.)

4 Responses

  1. Hey Dirk. The water was a bit low. I was really hoping to see it all the way around the tree like you said. But I still got a shot I’m very happy with!

  2. Oh, the water is really low in the lake. I ever see the tree with water all around. Did you climb up to one or the other mountains around Wanaka?

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