Mt. Aspiring National Park: New Zealand Photography Adventure, Day 04

Fall color on the Matukituki RiverI learned a lot about locksmiths today. Did you know that you can become one through a correspondence course? Or that you don’t need a license to locksmith but if the Old Boys don’t like you will never be able to buy any locksmithing tools? But the most interesting thing I learned about locksmiths today is that they have all kinds of neat gadgets for prying your car door open and unlocking it from the outside. Very handy when you get back from shooting a stand of trees and discover that your keys are locked inside your car.

A few other, non-locksmith-related things I learned today: distances are damn deceiving in this country. It might be something about how the mountains rise straight up out of the glacial plain that make it impossible to estimate how far away they are. But personally I believe it’s a trick orchestrated by the Departent of Conservation to get people to go on walks that are a good deal longer than they intend.

Also, the hobbits were on to something. Tramping barefoot across grassy meadows is pretty outstanding.

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  1. I had to start putting my keys on a lanyard around my neck after I locked myself out of my truck many times, the last time in the Alabama Hills. I couldn’t get a locksmith to come out there. Thankfully the tow truck driver had a good set of break-in tools.

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