Monterey Guitar Photography Shoot

Handmade acoustic guitar made by Lance McCollum, photographed by Josh Cripps and Diego Tabango

I’m undertaking an exciting new commercial project with my friend Diego Tabango to photograph film composer Mark Mancina’s astounding collection of beautiful hand-made guitars. Diego and I will be spending three days at Mark’s recording studio in Carmel, California in order to shoot an initial 20 guitars. This is looking to be a very fun, challenging, and educational project. Check out some of the initial results above and be on the look out for more cool guitar photographs coming soon.

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  1. Nice work. I photograph guitars for and it’s a real challenge when you get a guitar that is all reflection, boy it’s hard to get it perfect. I often hold up black card board on small areas that are reflecting the light, like on the headstock of the first pic that you have.

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