Four Miles of Fog

Did something today I almost never do at home: woke up early to shoot the sunrise.  Not sure what got into me exactly other than I have a somewhat obsessive personality and when I get into something, I really get into it.  The ‘it’ in this case is Four Mile Beach in Santa Cruz.  I went there yesterday evening for sunset and while there ended up being no color, I had a great time anyway because I was captivated by Four Mile’s beauty.  I don’t what the difference is exactly between Four Mile and the other nearby beaches I’ve been shooting lately, but this place really struck me as being just that much more wonderful.

I found this spot during yesterday evening’s shoot and thought to myself "boy, wouldn’t this be a nice place to catch the sunrise?"  And that pretty much sealed it in my mind that I was going to head back in the morning.

This morning I arrived at the beach about 30 minutes before sunrise but there were already some nice pinks and purples starting to show on the horizon, so I grabbed my gear and ran down to the beach, where I found a think fog bank obscuring all of that nice morning light.  I waited and waited and waited and finally, about 20 minutes after sunrise, the sun’s rays began to percolate through the fog a little bit and gave a nice, moody atmosphere to the whole place.

I have no doubts that this beach is going to become my new obsession


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