The other night I watched the video of you working a waterfall for composition and it blew me away. Methodically breaking down how to approach and work the scene. The best explanation of composition I ever heard from a pro photographer, and I heard a bunch.

Tutorial Price: $79

Have you ever wanted to crack open a professional photographer’s head to understand what thoughts are running around inside during a shoot?

Well this tutorial does exactly that. Filmed on location in New Zealand, this tutorial will walk you through an entire waterfall shoot Joshua Cripps and narrate his exact decision-making process, from why he chose the settings he did to how he narrowed down his composition. He’ll show you all the shots that didn’t make the cut and explain why not. And then he wraps it up with his complete post-processing workflow. This is truly a one-of-a-kind, start-to-finish look inside the creation of a landscape photo.

This is PPT’s first live action tutorial, as well as our first with a dedicated emphasis on in-field photography, composition, technique, and approach. It’s a totally unique style of video course, and we haven’t seen anything else like it out there. There’s an analysis of 42 landscape photos, of what works and what doesn’t for each, and how every step in the process leads to the end result. It’s an insanely jam-packed tutorial, worth a rewatch or 10 just to absorb everything Josh goes over. Even if you don’t shoot waterfalls you’ll learn lots of great lessons on composition, technique, and approach.

You Will Learn:

  • In Field Approach
    • How a professional photographer approaches a scene to analyze what’s important and what’s not
    • How to identify potentially engaging compositions and to discard ones that don’t work
    • Tons of compositional theory, from symmetry to visual flow
    • What mistakes a pro makes in the field and how to correct them
    • How minute, painstaking changes can lead to big results in your photos
    • Why to choose certain camera settings for aesthetic and technical reasons
    • How to create variations on a theme to ensure you have the best possible photo in the field
  • Post Processing
    • Global adjustments: white balance, exposure, shadow and highlight recovery, improving local detail and saturation
    • Cloning, Cropping, and other clean up
    • Intelligent dodging and burning
    • Quick, accurate mask creation
    • How to create atmosphere and mood
    • Tons of keyboard shortcuts and best practices
  • And much more

Skills You’ll Gain

How to Analyze a Scene on the Fly and Find the Best Photo for You

Learn how to approach a scene, explore the options, and analyze compositions on the fly. Identify potentially engaging compositions and to discard ones that don’t work.

Using the Best Possible Camera Technique

Learn which settings a pro uses and why, the reasons behind when to change settings, and the rationale for in-field technique. Learn to create “variations on a theme” to make sure you’ve captured the best possible image.

Take a Good Composition and Make it Great

This tutorial gives in-depth analysis of 42 landscape images, what works about them and what doesn’t. Learn what mistakes a pro makes in the field and how to correct them.

Image Selection

Choose the best possible photo from all your candidate images by learning to analyze what’s most important about a photo and which image most embodies those ideas.

Complete Raw Processing

Learn every single step of raw processing including global adjustments, Tone Curve contrast control, HSL adjustments, Local Adjustments, improving detail and clarity, tons of keyboard shortcuts, and more.

Complete Photoshop Processing

Take the photo into Photoshop to learn highly refined dodging and burning, adding atmosphere with an Orton Glow, cloning out distractions, and best practices for a flexible processing workflow.

What’s Included

  • 3 tutorial videos covering all aspects of creating the Purakaunui Falls photo, from composition to post processing
  • 60 minutes of in-depth, comprehensive content
  • Full-res raw file for you to edit along with the videos
  • Instant download access to tutorials; videos never expire
  • Compatible with most versions of LR and PS

Peek Inside:

  • Chapter 1 – Approaching and Analyzing a Scene. Choosing a Composition, 23 min: Learn how to approach a scene, explore the options, and analyze compositions on the fly.
  • Chapter 2a – Photo Selection and Complete Raw Processing, 12 min: Choose the best photo from the candidate images and work the raw file to picture perfect beauty.
  • Chapter 2b – Complete Photoshop Processing, 25 min: Dodge and burn, add atmosphere, and finishing touches. Learn simple, powerful techniques.

Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t 100% happy with this tutorial just let me know and I’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

I have watched all but the Adobe raw video and they are awesome. I love your teaching style! They are are helpful for me, simple to follow, and I needed to brush up on my shortcut skills so the fact that you use them and mention them numerous times helps me to remember them. Your videos are all awesome.

Honestly, this is one of the best videos I’ve seen in a while (and there are a quite a few photographers uploading them these days). Very helpful. Love your enthusiasm. Keep it up!

Love your videos and looking forward to many more.  Great that you can explain complex concepts in relatively simple terms.  Shows understanding of your subject.

God knows, I have watched hours, days and weeks of photography tutorials but I have to say that your “it is that easy” style the most appealing to me! I hope you will go on with [making] videos. I really think this is your strength.

I love this video! There are so many videos [out there], but I realized why I like yours so much….you make it fun! I have yet to see one of your videos that  I didn’t say “oh” out loud. Keep them coming, but mainly, thanks for making them.

This was extremely helpful. I am new to landscape photography and your comments, first of all, make sense and secondly, show me some details to consider when out taking landscape photos. Thank you.

Download ‘Behind the Lens: Purakarunui Falls’ and get a glimpse inside a pro photographer’s head.

About the Author

Joshua-Cripps-Nikon-d750Josh Cripps is an acclaimed landscape photographer from California. His recent work can be seen in the worldwide marketing campaign for the Nikon D750. Josh has been using Adobe products including Lightroom and Photoshop for over 15 years and has a knack for clearly explaining complex topics and techniques in the program. His tutorials and workflow videos have helped thousands of photographers worldwide improve their craft.