Workshop Overview

The full moon is one of the most breathtaking sights in the sky, and yet capturing interesting photos of it is a surprisingly difficult challenge. In this fun and exciting landscape photography class you will learn how to overcome the major challenges of shooting the moon so that you can create truly stunning and one-of-a-kind photographs.

Join professional landscape photographer Joshua Cripps in the breathtaking Eastern Sierra to photograph the moon alongside the beautiful landscapes of this unique area. Lone Pine will be our stomping grounds for this class, and we will explore the Alabama Hills as well as the surrounding landscapes in search of our moon photos.


This class is comprised of field excursions, classroom sessions, and processing sessions. In the classroom we will learn everything that goes into making beautiful moon photographs, including the required gear, using the PhotoPills App, artistic and technical approaches to shooting the moon, understanding the moon’s motion, planning the shot, problem solving, and best practices. We will work together as a group to plan our shots, then go into the field to bring them to life!

During the class we will have four opportunities to photograph the moon in alignment with the wonderful natural features of the area, such as Mt Whitney, Mt Leconte, Mt Williamson, and/or the rock towers of the Alabama Hills. All our shoots will take place around sunrise and sunset, allowing us fantastic opportunities for landscape photography in addition to shooting the moon. 

The classroom and post processing sessions for this class take place at The Mount Whitney Gallery in downtown Lone Pine, California.

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