Marie Lakes Basin - High Sierra Trip Report

It doesn't take much to convince me to go on a multi-day Sierra…

2014 Retrospective

2014 was a remarkable year for me in many ways. When January…
alaskan panhandle gloomy day

Alaskan Winter Adventure, Part 2

We've all heard that native Alaskans have 100 words to describe…
Snow in Seattle

Alaskan Winter Adventure, Part 1

I don't believe in omens but today I'll make an exception. Today…
Ethos Adventures Instruction Packet

Ethos Adventures: More fun than a sack of cats

I had only a list of recommended equipment and a set of cryptic…
Lake Wanaka willow in fall color, South Island New Zealand

2012 Retrospective

The seeds of 2013 are just beginning to take root and I find…
Shawarma in Ulaan Bataar Mongolia

Top 5 Meals of My Life

For Christmas this year I got a renewed subscription to NatGeo,…
Deadman Lake, Blue Canyon, Stanislaus National Forest

Stanislaus National Forest Residency Photos

In September, 2012 I was awarded an artist residency through…

Eastern Sierra in Fall Photos: Backpacking and Camping in the John Muir and Ansel Adams Wildernesses

In early October 2012 my friend, Laura, and I cruised over to…
Camping at Blue Canyon Lake, Sonora Pass


There is no greater way to explore nature than on foot. Yes…
McLean Falls, The Catlins, South Island, New Zealand

Top 5 Sunsets

I've been very fortunate in my life to experience a plethora…
McLean Falls, The Catlins, South Island, New Zealand

The Catlins: New Zealand Photography Adventure, Day 24

"Are you scared?" she asked me. Scared, me? No way. But the truth…