PhotoPills Mammoth Lakes 1-Day Bootcamp!

[av_heading heading=’PhotoPills Mammoth Lakes 1-Day Bootcamp!’ tag=’h3′ style=” size=” subheading_active=” subheading_size=’15’ padding=’10’ color=” custom_font=” admin_preview_bg=”][/av_heading] [av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=” admin_preview_bg=”] [/av_textblock] [av_button label=’Full Details and Registration’ link=’product,9459′ link_target=” size=’x-large’ position=’center’ icon_select=’yes’ icon=’ue809′ font=’entypo-fontello’ color=’theme-color’ custom_bg=’#444444′ custom_font=’#ffffff’ admin_preview_bg=”] [av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=” admin_preview_bg=”] DESCRIPTION: Get ready to learn how to plan, shoot, and edit any photo […]

Announcement: The Nature Photography Academy

The Nature Photography Academy Announcement

Greetings my excellent friends, you may have noticed that I haven’t been putting up tons of videos lately. One of the reasons is that I’ve been traveling like crazy this year, which has been really fun, but it hasn’t left me a whole lotta time for making videos. The other reason is that I’ve been […]

Happy 2016 – We Are Back from Hiatus!

Back from fall hiatus, PPT is back and stoked for 2016. This year is going to be a bigger and better year with tons more instructional videos, more topics, maybe even some special guest stars! Plus we are turning our videos into eBooks for you to download and take with you in the field. Don’t […]

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