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Behind the Scenes of this Photo

Taken in the Marie Lakes basin, Ansel Adams Wilderness, Eastern Sierra, California, on July 3rd, 2013

This night’s shoot held a little bit of insanity for me. There were beautiful clouds lighting up in every direction, starting from an hour before sunset. There were small ponds, reflecting pools, waterfalls, and cascades everywhere I looked and choosing one composition from among them was a virtually impossible task. On top of that, there were thousands of mosquitoes out, buzzing with hunger at the dawn of the high country spring. I hadn’t seen any bears or deer out, so it was safe to assume that I was the most mouth-watering, blood-filled mammal around for miles. As the horde descended upon me I lost my mind a little bit and in between shots I was leaping from side to side, spinning in circles, and slapping myself silly in an attempt to avoid their buzzing and biting. After awhile I gave up, focused on the photography, and let the mozzies do their thing. After all, bug bites fade, photos do not.

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