Interview on Photography Roundtable Podcast

Recently I had the honor of being interviewed by the Roundtable Photography podcast (hop on over to Photography Roundtable to listen to the interview). The man behind the podcast, David Johnston, writes:


How to Spin Your Photography Projects – Episode 40 Joshua Cripps

Joshua started as an engineer with Boeing, but volunteered to be let go during cut backs (that’s right, you read it correctly… he VOLUNTEERED)! To most people that sounds crazy. But, it’s pretty evident that Joshua Cripps isn’t most people.It’s pretty simple to see why Joshua has climbed the photography ladder quickly. He’s incredibly talented and is tremendous at problem solving (which he gives credit to his engineering background).

Whether you’re a hobbyist, or you want to earn more money from your photography as a side business, listen and learn to what Joshua Cripps has to say about photography, the future of photography, and his transition to passive income.

What’s in this episode?

  • Joshua Cripps discusses what a normal day in the life looks like
  • Why going pro in photography is still like shooting part time
  • The business side of things
  • Using passive income to make sales while you sleep
  • The power of YouTube
  • Is mirrorless the future?
  • The mystery of making pitches (it’s really all about meeting people)

Hop on over to Photography Roundtable to listen to the interview!


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