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Taken at Thousand Island Lake in the Ansel Adams Wilderness on October 6th, 2012

Our day started with a fun off-trail scramble up to the top of a saddle between Minaret Lake and Cecile Lake. From there it was talus hopping to the ridge above Iceberg Lake. Then a sketchy downhill talus and boulder-field traverse (made even sketchier by the cumbersome nature of our 45-pound packs) to the outlet of the lake. 1.5 hours to cover a half mile of terrain; oh yeah, that was interesting. But from the outlet of Iceberg onward we had it made: we met up with the trail again and had 12 easy miles of on-trail tramping to make it to our destination that night: Thousand Island Lake. Clouds built up all afternoon during the hike and by the time we had arrived at this scenic gem of a lake the sky was tantalizing, especially above beautiful Banner Peak. I dropped my pack at the first available campsite and went scampering down to the lake shore to shoot. When the sun dropped behind Banner Peak and the clouds lit up in this mackerel sky, it was the perfect end to a great high Sierra day.

Check out some behind the scenes video from just after this photo was taken:

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