Taken in Bishop Creek Canyon, Eastern Sierra Nevada, California on September 25th, 2013

It started with breath, which became a bluster. By nightfall it was a constant howl. At three in the morning it huffed and puffed and blew my tent away. And by sunrise on the 25th of September, the wind had become a banshee, yowling down the steep-walled canyons of the Eastern Sierra. A frigid gale of frozen air shaking the east side aspen trees like so many rag dolls. Nevertheless, fall color was afoot and I was determined to get my shot. I drove high into Bishop Creek Canyon, past a number of other photographers and color spotters, until I came to this hillside above Aspendell, an aptly-name community at about 8,500 feet. Scrambling down from the road I found a perch which held this fantastic view of the Sierra crest jutting up craggily above the treed basin below. With the wind threatening to topple my camera whenever I took my hands off my tripod I managed to rattle off a handful of shots as the sunrise painted the clouds above with vivid orange light.

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