Taken deep in the Lyell Canyon in Yosemite National Park on July 2nd, 2013.

Having hiked about 8 miles into Lyell Canyon from Tuolumne Meadows I noticed beautiful Kuna Creek cascading down the eastern flank of the canyon. Thinking the creek might provide an interesting viewpoint for a photo, I waded across the (freezing) Tuolumne River, battled my way through a surprisingly thick aspen grove, and scrambled up a few hundred feet of talus to find this spot, where I had a fantastic view of the Lyell Canyon to the north, and Mt. Lyell (highest peak in Yosemite), Mt. Maclure, and Simmons Peak to the south. The clouds had actually disappeared in the late afternoon but swept back in in force to catch the warm tones of the high country twilight.

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