Shooting stars at Moonlight Lake, Sabrina Basin, High Sierra

Taken at Moonlight Lake in the Sabrina Basin, Eastern Sierra, California on August 22nd, 2011

Forget coffee, forget Redbull. Nothing gets me zipping along first thing in the morning like some high Sierra backpacking. On my last morning of a trip to the wondrous Sabrina Basin near Bishop, California I rolled out of my tent at first light in order to capture the warm glow of the rising sun as it hit the 13,000 foot peaks surrounding my campsite. Despite not sleeping well, I felt charged up as I hiked the mile to this patch of shooting stars I had found while scouting Moonlight lake the day before. I set up my shot and waited for the light to reach the far shore of the lake, all the while burning off my excess energy by smashing the mosquitoes intent on having me for breakfast.


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