And seal it with a kiss

Elephant seals are funny animals.  And I mean funny in a haha kind of way.

A happy little weaner

Had a fantastic opportunity on Saturday to go out with some researchers who were putting satellite transmitters on young elephant seals, or “weaners.”

These guys are some of the noisiest critters I’ve ever been around and it was a fairly hilarious afternoon listening to them honk, spit, hiss, burp, gurgle, yelp, squeak, and fart continuously for the entire five hours we spent with them.

Soon these 90-100 kg “little babies” will be headed out to sea to make their way in a scary world filled with hungry white sharks. Sadly only about 40% of them will survive to adulthood, but the ones who do make it will be big bad monsters who you don’t want to mess with.

Some more pics from the afternoon:

Weaners all in a row

Like a giant, warm-blooded grub

You lookin’ at me?

Happy Monday, everyone!  Have a great week,


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