The Best Job in the World?

If you folks haven’t heard about this, Tourism Queensland is running a contest whereby the winner gets “The Best Job in the World.” More specifically, the position is caretaker of Hamilton Island, which is part of the Whitsunday Islands in the Great Barrier Reef. The position requires you to snorkel, scuba, spa, trek, and explore the island and the Reef and report back to Queensland (and the world) via weekly video, a photo diary, and a blog. It is a paid position, demanding a salary of $150000AUD (about $100K USD) for a six-month stint on the island.

The contest requires prospective applicants to submit a 1-minute video of themselves explaining why he/she is the best person for the job. A demanding task, not only to describe yourself in 1 minute, but also to do it in a creative and entertaining way that separates you from the thousands of other applicants.

Anywho, a job like this is right up my alley, so I thought I’d apply. Here’s my vid:

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