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Josh Cripps is hands down one of the leading video tutorial instructors I have come across. For many months I have scoured the internet trying to find someone who could teach me basic, intermediate and advanced techniques in Photoshop. I came across Joshua’s YouTube channel and followed him from there. I just bought 3 tutorials and upon completing the very first one I knew he would be my ‘go to’ for anything I want to learn going forward. Well spoken, clear and concise instruction, easy to understand and a great sense of humour. Thanks for all your effort in putting these tutorials together Josh, I look forward to all the ones I don’t yet own!

Michelle Barclay, Canada

Tutorial Price: $69

You Will Learn:

  • Major benefits of shooting in the raw format
  • How to customize Lightroom to work for you
  • Global adjustments: white balance, exposure, shadow and highlight recovery, improving local detail and saturation
  • In-depth explanation of the powerful Tone Curve and HSL adjustments
  • Detailed lens corrections, fixing chromatic aberration and distortion
  • Using the Grad Filter, Radial and Adjustment Brush tools for selective editing
  • Cloning, Healing, Cropping, and other clean up
  • Create Presets, Snapshots, Develop Defaults, and learn to sync settings across images to drastically speedy up editing
  • Watch two complete start-to-finish photo edits
  • Tons of keyboard shortcuts and best practices
  • And much more


Skills You’ll Gain

Dramatic Global Adjustments


Transform your raw files with a few clicks. Adjust exposure and white balance quickly, recover shadow / highlight detail, and adjust color with ease.

Powerful Tone and Color Adjustments

Course Contents Tone Curve

Exert precise, dramatic control by adjusting specific color and tonal ranges. Use the targeted adjustment tool to adjust exactly what you want.

Local Editing

Course Contents Grad Filter

Learn to use LR’s in-built graduated filter, radial filter, and adjustment brush tools to selectively edit your images. Adjust exposure, white balance, contrast, saturation and more on an extremely targeted basis. Some of the most important tools in Raw processing.

Presets and Camera Raw Defaults

Presets - Snapshots

Like to start all your edits out the same way? Create Camera Raw Defaults to shortcut your editing. Learn to make presets for any kind of editing you can imagine. Want all your landscapes to have the same style? Create a preset. All your Milky Way shots to have the same tones and contrast? Make a preset. Create multiple edits of the same image with Snapshots.

Complete Workflow


Watch the entire start-to-finish edit for this image from New Zealand and learn to develop your own vision and process.

Complete Workflow


Watch the entire start-to-finish edit for this image from New Zealand and learn to develop your own vision and process.

What’s Included

Lightroom Develop is one of the most intuitive and robust raw processing programs available. Its simple and powerful tools allow for extremely rich and targeted photo editing. This comprehensive beginner / intermediate video tutorial covers every aspect of LR Develop and shows you how to easily and beautifully edit your raw photos.

  • 9 tutorial videos covering all aspects of Lightroom’s Develop Module from the ground up; no prior knowledge required
  • 140+ minutes of in-depth content for beginning / intermediate users
  • 5 raw files for you to edit along with the videos
  • Instant download access to tutorials; videos never expire
  • Developed for LR CC 2015 but tutorials are 99% compatible with LR CC 2016+ or LR 6

Peek Inside:

  • Chapter 1 – Getting Around & Customizing, 10:30 min: Learn the layout of the Lightroom Develop Module and the benefits of shooting raw. Customize the program to work best for you.
  • Chapter 2 – Basic Global Adjustments, 15:00 min: Gain an in-depth understanding of LR’s powerful global editing sliders.
  • Chapter 3 – Color and Tone Adjustments, 26:00 min: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Tone Curve, HSL, and Split Toning panels, how to use them intelligently, and when to leave well enough alone.
  • Chapter 4 – Detail, Lens Correction, Effects, Calibration, 25:00 min: Understand how to sharpen your photos and reduce noise, correct for lens distortion, add artistic effects, and fine tune LR’s camera profiles.
  • Chapter 5 – Local Adjustments, 16:30 min: Learn the ins and outs of the three extraordinarily powerful local adjustment tools, the Graduated Filter, Radial Filter, and Adjustment Brush, in order to gain complete control of your processing.
  • Chapter 6 – Clean Up Tools, 15:30 min: Understand the best ways to clean up blemishes, clean up images, and crop, rotate, and straighten intelligently.
  • Chapter 7 – Shortcuts & Streamlining, 15:30 min: Gain a deep understanding of the History palette, creating Presets for quick editing, using Snapshots for multiple edits of the same image, and how to transfer Develop settings from one image to another.
  • Chapter 8 – Complete Workflow 1 & 2, 10:30 min & 9:45 min: Put it all together with two complete start-to-finish processing walkthroughs. Develop your own workflow and put the Develop tools to use for you.

Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t 100% happy with this tutorial just let me know and I’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

I have watched all but the Adobe raw video and they are awesome. I love your teaching style! They are are helpful for me, simple to follow, and I needed to brush up on my shortcut skills so the fact that you use them and mention them numerous times helps me to remember them. Your videos are all awesome.

Anna H.

Honestly, this is one of the best videos I’ve seen in a while (and there are a quite a few photographers uploading them these days). Very helpful. Love your enthusiasm. Keep it up!

Philip R.

Love your videos and looking forward to many more.  Great that you can explain complex concepts in relatively simple terms.  Shows understanding of your subject.

Tom S.

God knows, I have watched hours, days and weeks of photography tutorials but I have to say that your “it is that easy” style the most appealing to me! I hope you will go on with [making] videos. I really think this is your strength.

Kim M.

I love this video! There are so many videos [out there], but I realized why I like yours so much….you make it fun! I have yet to see one of your videos that  I didn’t say “oh” out loud. Keep them coming, but mainly, thanks for making them.

Marcy L.

This was extremely helpful. I am new to landscape photography and your comments, first of all, make sense and secondly, show me some details to consider when out taking landscape photos. Thank you.

Jim G.


Download ‘Master Raw Processing’ and kick your images to the next level.

About the Author

Joshua-Cripps-Nikon-d750Josh Cripps is an acclaimed landscape photographer from California. His recent work can be seen in the worldwide marketing campaign for the Nikon D750. Josh has been using Adobe products including Lightroom and Photoshop for over 15 years and has a knack for clearly explaining complex topics and techniques in the program. His tutorials and workflow videos have helped hundreds of photographers world wide improve their craft.