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I’ve just finished watching your tutorial for the third time and wanted to let you know how amazing it was! I live on a very small island in the middle of nowhere & don’t get to many photography workshops… so the way I learn is through tutorials. Yours are, by far, the best I’ve seen. LOVED the way you broke it down into little episodes – this gave me the chance the watch one video & then work on my own photos to get it into my head & then move onto the next one!! Super-awesome way to learn! You’ve made them very entertaining & super-easy to follow along – I just loved it, Thank you!! 🙂

Kirsty Faulkner, Christmas Island, Australia

Tutorial Price: $59

Understand Layers and Masks in PS:

  • Learn to use Adjustment Layers for true non-destructive editing
  • Learn which adjustments are most important for landscape photography
  • Modify and undo adjustments at any time
  • Create masks to target adjustments for selective editing
  • Use layers to combine photos for the ultimate in dynamic range
  • Time-saving keyboard shortcuts
  • And much more


Or buy the complete Fundamentals Bundle for $149 (you save $28)

Bundle - Fundamentals

Skills You’ll Gain

Non Destructive Editing

Making adjustments directly to your images is like making a copy of a copy of a copy: the more you do it the more you degrade your image quality. Learn how to make your contrast and color edits via adjustment layers for true non-destructive editing that can be reversed or modified at any time, leaving your original images untouched and pristine. You’ll also learn which adjustments are important for image editing, as well as how to modify layer opacity and visibility.

Masking Adjustments

Being able to control the extent of your adjustments is crucial to subtle and beautiful image editing. Learn how to create subtle, detailed, and precise masks to apply your adjustments to only certain parts of an image, like the sky, the foreground, or a cluster of rocks.

Combining Multiple Photos


Cameras have many limitations compared to the human eye, especially when it comes to dynamic range. Oftentimes in scenes with lots of dynamic range your photos will be exposed properly in the foreground and your sky will be blown out, or your sky will be well exposed and your foreground is too dark. Learn how to use layers and masks to combine multiple images into one master image with maximum dynamic range. Also learn how to edit each individual part of the image separately using layer order and clipping masks.

From This Video…

From This Video…

What’s Included

The true power in Photoshop lies in being able to edit with layers and masks. In simplest terms, layers allow you to edit your images non-destructively so that any changes you make can be reversed or modified at any point in the future. Masks allow you to apply image adjustments like curves or saturation selectively to different parts of your images as you see fit. Understanding layers and masks in Photoshop also allows you to combine multiple photos into one image for improved dynamic range.

  • 4 tutorial videos covering the vital concepts for Layers and Masks
  • 1 hour of in-depth content for beginning / intermediate users
  • Hi-res photos for you to edit along with the video
  • Instant download access to files; videos never expire

Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t 100% happy with this tutorial just let me know and I’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

I have watched all but the Adobe raw video and they are awesome. I love your teaching style! They are are helpful for me, simple to follow, and I needed to brush up on my shortcut skills so the fact that you use them and mention them numerous times helps me to remember them. Your videos are all awesome.

Anna H.

Honestly, this is one of the best videos I’ve seen in a while (and there are a quite a few photographers uploading them these days). Very helpful. Love your enthusiasm. Keep it up!

Philip R.

Love your videos and looking forward to many more.  Great that you can explain complex concepts in relatively simple terms.  Shows understanding of your subject.

Tom S.

God knows, I have watched hours, days and weeks of photography tutorials but I have to say that your “it is that easy” style the most appealing to me! I hope you will go on with [making] videos. I really think this is your strength.

Kim M.

I love this video! There are so many videos [out there], but I realized why I like yours so much….you make it fun! I have yet to see one of your videos that  I didn’t say “oh” out loud. Keep them coming, but mainly, thanks for making them.

Marcy L.

This was extremely helpful. I am new to landscape photography and your comments, first of all, make sense and secondly, show me some details to consider when out taking landscape photos. Thank you.

Jim G.


Or buy the complete Fundamentals Bundle for $149 (you save $28)

Bundle - Fundamentals

Purchase my Photoshop Fundamentals Bundle for $149 (save $28)

The videos in this bundle cover beginner and intermediate Photoshop techniques; everything you need to know if you’re new to the program or want to refine the most important fundamental techniques. Each video builds off the content of the previous videos, and the series provides an excellent, in-depth look at the editing capabilities of Photoshop.

About the Author

Joshua-Cripps-Nikon-d750Josh Cripps is an acclaimed landscape photographer from California. His recent work can be seen in the worldwide marketing campaign for the Nikon D750. Josh has been using Photoshop for over 15 years and has a knack for clearly explaining complex topics and techniques in the program. His tutorials and workflow videos have helped hundreds of photographers world wide improve their craft.