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Which photo of yours means the most to you personally?

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There are four photos that jump out instantly at me. The first is a shot of Cathedral Peak in Yosemite. For me that photo represents the turning point in my career when I went from somewhat haphazardly shooting, to actually consciously creating the shots I wanted to see.

The second photo is from Lake Tahoe and is probably my personal favorite shot. It’s the result of an evening when all my planning and pre-scouting got tossed right out the window and I was forced to spontaneously adapt to changing conditions. And I ended up with an image far better than I could’ve pre-envisioned.

My third meaningful image is this shot of the now famous Wanaka Willow. It was the first (and only) time in my photographic career that the vision of a shot I had in my head was actually realized in a photo

Usually the photos you picture in your mind’s eye come out completely different in real life thanks to the vagaries of Mother Nature. But on this singular occasion everything clicked into place as perfectly as I had imagined.

Finally, another photo from the Sierra Nevada called The Reason. This shot simply captures everything I love about photographing in the Range of Light: soaring mountains, innumerable beautiful lakes, and ponderously swirling clouds.

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