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At the highly-acclaimed academy of the Internet. I started reading everything I could find online about landscape photography. I found a whole mess of photographers whose work inspired me and I tried to break their photos down into basic pieces to figure out why I liked them. I joined photo sharing sites and looked at dozens of images every day. Every photo I looked at critically: why does it work, or why doesn’t it work? What is the photographer doing with composition, technique, and lighting? I joined online critique forums expecting to receive pats on the back for my “awesome” work, but instead got complete tear downs of what I could do better. That was a fantastic learning experience, and good for my humility as well!

The other place I learned about photography was out in the woods. There’s no better way to improve a skill than to practice it. So from the moment I picked up my first DSLR to now I’ve been running around shooting as much as possible, always thinking about what I can do to improve my images.

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