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What is the most stressful part of your job?

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For me, it’s never being off the clock. When I was an engineer I’d leave work at 6:00 pm and not think about it until the next morning at 9:00. Now there’s no safety net below me; I sink or swim based on how hard I work. Which means I’m working hard every day, morning till night, and I rarely take time off. Mostly this stress is self-imposed and when I start to feel overwhelmed I remind myself that all the things I want to do are fun, cool projects, and all of the people I’m corresponding with are current or future clients (meaning they’re giving me money), they’re people who want to have me on a podcast (or interview), or companies who want me to do projects with them. So I take a deep breath and focus on being grateful for being in a position where my stress comes from too many good things happening at once.

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