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What focal length is perfect for taking landscape photos?

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There’s no “perfect” focal length for landscape photography unfortunately. Each scene will require a different approach and a different focal length. Here are some things to keep in mind: the wider your focal length is the more you will exaggerate what’s close to the camera and minimze what’s far from the camera. The longer your focal length is the more you will begin to emphasize what’s far from the camera. When you’re composing think about what is most important to the story you’re trying to tell of a place. Is the foreground most interesting? If so, a wide angle lens will help you exaggerate it. Is the background more interesting? A telephoto lens can help you emphasize that. Telephoto lenses are also great for picking out small vignettes from the larger overall scene when you want to call your viewers’ attention to some specific spots. Wide angles are great for showing the scene as a whole and for giving a sense of awe and grandeur. Of course there’s lots more to think about but those quick tips should get you started.

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