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What equipment do you take on a shoot?

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Whatever it takes to get the job done! If I’m in the front country I bring my whole kit, including multiple bodies, all my filters, and every single friggin’ lens I own. When I hit the trail I do pare things down a bit, but exactly how much depends on how far I’m hiking and how much other gear I have to carry (once you add crampons, an ice axe, a shovel, rope, and extra clothing to your backpack you start to wonder just how good that iPhone camera is after all). But I’d hate to miss a photo just because I decided to shave half a pound off my kit, so when I go trekking I still bring one camera body, a carbon fiber tripod, my 14-24mm ultra-wide zoom, a 18-35mm wide zoom, (usually) a 50mm prime, a 70-200mm f/4, extra batteries, and a handful of filters. It’s not tooooo heavy, and honestly, if you eat enough chocolate you don’t even notice the weight.

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