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How much time is needed to take a good shot versus prioritizing post-processing?

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I’m a huge believer that we should take the time to get the shot right in the field. You should spend as much time as necessary to make sure your field work is rock solid. So, that means things like understanding your camera inside and out, double checking your composition, settings, and histogram, scouting as much as possible, trying different ideas, waiting for the best light, etc. Do as much as possible to get a good shot in the field. This will make post-processing much easier and faster. For example, I process most of my shots in less than 10 minutes in Lightroom. I have a very simple workflow in general because I don’t like spending much time in front of the computer. However, it is important to understand that post processing is a critical component of creating a photograph these days. This is because when you’re in the field your goal should be to capture the best possible data. The photo you capture in the camera may not look like the vision of the scene you have in your head, especially if you are using a neutral picture control or exposing to the right. It requires post processing to take this raw, high-quality data and transform it into an image that captures your vision of the moment.

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