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How do you use color palettes in your photos?

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I am always thinking about color. I strive to keep colors natural and representative of the moment I experienced, but I also play an active part in how the colors are shown in my final image. I think about which colors in the scene I want to emphasize and which colors I want to minimize. This helps me select my white balance. During post processing I think along the same lines and that helps me determine which colors I want more or less saturated, or more or less luminous. I also think about color theory and which colors work best together. For example, if I capture a sunset that is predominantly orange, but near the horizon the color naturally fades to a pale yellow/green, that color might not fit into the overall aesthetic of the image. In a situation like that, I will use the hue adjustments in LR to change that greenish color to something more pleasing, either closer to orange or closer to blue, depending on what looks best for the image.

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